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Chris Wannell


I highly recommend Chris for Math tutoring. Chris gave my son much needed practice for problems he was shaky in. He greatly increased my son’s test taking confidence.


The sessions are rigorous but fun and relaxed. He is conscientious, prompt and very flexible when it comes to changing the time.


Mrs B, Parent of student

"The sessions are rigorours but fun"

Chris has helped our son immensely at maths. Our son has really improved as Chris explains things in a simple and logical way.


We have noticed a massive improvement in our son. He is much more confident in maths.


I would recommend Chris. He is patient, confident and knowledgeable.


Mr & Mrs R, Parent of student

"Our son has really improved"

Don't delay in calling Chris Wannell Mobile Maths Tutor to arrange an advance in your understanding of maths.


Maths tuition is available for you in West Yorkshire from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.


07873 648 862

Chris has been our J’s maths tutor for 6 months. Since Chris has been working with J, he has moved up to the top set in maths and is also expecting a higher than average result in his SATs.


Chris is very approachable, easy going, flexible, patient and comfortable to be around. I would definitely to someone needing a maths tutor.


Mr & Mrs R, Parent of student

"Chris is very approachable, easy going, flexible"

My son Sam was struggling with maths. The teaching in class at school seemed to move too quickly from one topic to the next, without Sam grasping the basic concepts. Chris is great as he completely understands. He is able to explain to Sam with a simple approach and easily identifies Sam’s weaknesses. Chris’s lessons are completely structured to suit Sam and reflect the school work Sam is doing. Sam is encouraged to let Chris know during the week if there is something he hasn’t understood at school, then they tackle it together.


Mrs H, Parent of student

"Chris is great as he completely understands"

My son struggled academically. He went to a middle school that recognised and supported him with his significantly below average literacy and English skills. He left middle school, arriving at high school feeling confident and equal to his peers.


The same thing could not be said for my son’s numeracy skills.


My Son began high school unsure of addition and subtraction. He could not recite or understand his times tables and was shaky when telling the time or when dealing with money.


All the confidence and self-esteem he had gained from his improvement, hard work and determination with his literacy and English skills was over shadowed by his lack of numeracy skills. It affected my Son in his everyday life and school life. His self-esteem, that we had worked so hard to build, was hanging by a thread. His behaviour and attitude in school was one of ‘I don’t care’ to cover up his true feelings.


My son came and asked me if he could have a Maths tutor. He said ‘I don’t want to be Maths genius or anything I just want to be able to, ya know, when somebody asks me times table like 8 x 7 that I can just say the answer, without having to think about it.’


I contacted Chris in March 2013. I briefly explained my Sons situation and he began his first class with my Son 24 March.


It was like a miracle had occurred!


I made them a drink of tea, had a quick chat and then left them to get on with it. When they invited me back in the room about an hour later, my Son very proudly, began to recite his times tables to Chris (including 8 x 7!)


Over the past 11 months I have watched my Sons confidence and self-esteem grow. He has moved up a group in Maths at his school and he is able to develop his skills in everyday life.


Chris is a fantastic Maths tutor and both my Son and I greatly admire and respect the work he has done. Chris is a very patient and kind tutor. He always takes his time when teaching my son, making sure he understands and has really embedded before moving on. Chris uses repetition a lot with my Son because it takes him longer to grasp concepts; unfortunately at school the teachers do not have the time to do this.


Chris uses various teaching methods and has found that using visual aids, such as flash cards and cubes works well for my Son.


If we hadn’t found Chris to tutor my son with Maths I honestly don’t know where my Son would be. He is now in year 10 and is studying foundation maths. Chris is confident that my son will have the ability to secure a GCSE when he sits his exams next year. I am confident, that because of Chris and his teaching, that my Son will achieve this target too.


Mostly I am grateful that Chris has increased my Sons confidence and self-esteem in Maths and everyday Maths. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. He teaches with kindness and patience, gently encouraging his student to succeed.


Mrs W, Parent of student

"It was like a miracle had occurred!"