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A child's gateway to success

Maths is considered an integral part of a child's education. The confidence and aptitude to learn other skills flourishes in a child that is given the freedom of private maths tuition. They will no longer be obstructed by classmates and can experience benefits of a subject that sometimes go unseen in the classroom environment.

Transitional maths

Whilst both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 have significant differences, the basics of learning are transferable. There are a number of reasons that your child could benefit from private home tuition. SATs exams play a formidable role in an assessment of a child's education. It could be crucial in the school's relationship with a student's preparation for GCSEs.

Key Stage 2 and 3

To ensure the future success of your child, allow them to learn at their own pace in an environment they enjoy.


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Teaching children is something that you should rightly show an unmeasurable care for. I personally found maths difficult at school until I received private tuition, which helped me pass my 'O' Level. Since then I qualified for a 2.1 BSc Honours Degree in Mathematics and Computing from the Open University. Subsequently I became Chris Wannell Mobile Maths Tutor. I have also undergone full CRB checks.

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